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Épiderma a bâti sa réputation sur la sécurité de ses traitements, la qualité des résultats et l’encadrement médical continu de son personnel.

Épilation laser, traitement des rides et des varices, microdermisation, peeling et traitement de la cellulite…avec plus d’un million de traitements dispensés, notre expertise est inégalée.

Our approach is simple: it’s all about you.

At Epiderma we want you to look fabulous, and your satisfaction is our priority. We do everything possible to ensure you get what you expect—safe treatments, sound advice tailored to your needs, and concrete results.

We have over one hundred trained technicians in our network, supervised by medical staff, to enhance the natural beauty of our clients day after day. They are fully committed. They have an impressive ability to listen, understand your needs, and put their competencies, professionalism, and knowledge to work to offer you advice that’s right for you.